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What are the current trends in web design? Technology is advancing so fast that it can leave even a seasoned web design pro feeling like it’s the ‘90s. 

The one constant in web design is that nothing is constant. Design trends change, new technologies provide more opportunities for creative expression and the industry moves in various directions each year. Websites have to be tweaked and updated regularly to sustain an audience’s interest and attention. Simply put, keeping a website at the forefront of design and search engine rankings requires staying up to date with the pace of change. 

Here are 7 of the biggest web design features and elements to watch and incorporate into your website in 2022. Remember, each trend may not work for every website. Always choose those that benefit and best suit your brand aesthetic. 

Scrollytelling Transformations

Imagine having users who look forward to scrolling. It’s possible with scrollytelling – a visually and aurally striking design technique used to engage audiences more and enhance their experience. 

Scrollytelling is a portmanteau of the words “scroll” and “storytelling.” The technique is used to reveal or change content (usually a graphic) as the user scrolls.  It does not alter scroll behaviour, but simply monitors it. This design approach uses imagery, video and copywriting to tell compelling brand and product/service stories, which a user can engage with by *drum roll please* swiping. The ability to scroll gives audiences a sense of control and exploration.  

Through scrollytelling, brands can tell stories through chronological visuals with smaller chunks of information that is easier to digest. 

Scrollytelling aims to increase the time a visitor spends on a website, to make page content appear limitless and to encourage the user to visit other pages or different sections, like contact form, pricing pages and so forth. 

Illustrations and Iconography Make a Comeback

During the early days of advertising and marketing illustrations were the dominant medium used to tell brand stories, from cover art for magazines, product labels, flyers and more.  In 2022, web design will make its way down memory lane, as the trend switches from less photography-based imagery to illustrations and iconography characters. Expect a digital evolution in illustration design, with more illustrations being incorporated to give life to design that lingers in the mind.

Minimalism Out. Maximalism In

More is more as trends move from away minimalism to creative excess in design; integrating video, audio, imagery, layering, a mix of typography styles, oversized fonts and colour intricacies to create visuals that are more striking and in your face. The maximalism design style is all about splitting from convention and breaking the rules to stand out. 

Oversized Typography

Fortune favours the bold font. Typography of unusual sizes will be a fresh trend this year. Large fonts are not only unavoidable to the eye, they can really help to reinforce a message, headline or call to action. By oversizing singular words, for example, fonts can become graphic elements that are more than just part of a message. They emphasize and reinforce. 

Get Colourful

Colour trends over the past few years have favoured softer colours and neutrals. While these colours are still perfect for brands who require a softer look, 2022 is the year to go bright! Loud colours are difficult to ignore like loud neon, contrast shades and standout colour blocking. Keeping design minimal with pops of standout brightness against whitespace adds energy and makes a design feel alive. We expect to see more and more complex gradients creating illusions of movement and adding more texture, depth and excitement to a webpage while keeping designs minimal. eCommerce in particular benefits from bold colour choices.

Mobile Responsive Design 

Are you reading this blog on desktop or your smartphone? This is an important question for you and your brand. As of January 2022, accessing the web via mobile exceeded 55% of global internet usage in comparison to desktop devices taking up 42%. As audiences favour the availability of faster internet on the go, mobile responsive design will continue to be a heavy hitter this year. 

Mobile vs Desktop Insights for 2022 

sourced from TechJury

  • Mobile vs desktop usage stats in 2022 reveals 50% of B2B inquiries were made via mobile last year.
  • Social media takes 25% of all digital media consumption and it is mainly accessed on mobile.
  • In 2021 mobile generated 54.25% of traffic and desktops 42.9%.
  • 55% of page views in 2021 came from mobile phones.

Retro Fonts

Old school is making another comeback. Typography is so much more than just Times New Roman and Helvetica. Retro fonts add a vintage feel that taps into an older audience’s longing for nostalgia, while younger target markets are drawn to the originality.  A trend we are seeing is designers reinterpreting and updating retro fonts by adding futuristic shapes, different stylisation and brighter colours. 

The year 2022 will be a year in which we see significant disruption in how websites are designed.  Get in touch with Coffee Creative Studio to see how we can design your website with the latest design trends that get target markets clicking. 


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