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At Coffee Creative Studio we are passionate about giving young creatives the opportunity to explore the world of brand and web development, and as such have welcomed numerous students and interns into our Studio over the years.

Our focus is on giving freshies a real-life experience – it’s not about making tea, (maybe sometimes the coffee), and filing. It’s about getting stuck in and running with live projects from the moment you walk through the door.

We are super proud of our little Coffee beans who have come a long way since their intern days, some of whom now play an integral party of our growing family.

“They really took a chance on me, it was risky for them, letting me come to client meetings, they had no clue how that would go, but it was cool that they had faith in me.” – Adam, Coffee Creative Studio Account Executive

“I feel like what you do in university is not what the real world is like. Coming to Coffee Creative Studio was a really huge learning curve, but it was so beneficial in the long run!”- Isabella, Coffee Creative Studio Junior Web Developer

“I really liked how there was only one intern at a time in each department. We could learn so much more, as opposed to just being lumped in a corner together. I got thrown in the deep end, being taken to client meetings and putting entire branding proposals together, but I learnt so much, so quickly, it was great!” – Lauren, part-time honours student and intern at Coffee Creative Studio

Our approach to internships at Coffee Creative Studio is a little different- we see it as a long-term investment in young talent and take the opportunity to really expose each newcomer to as much as possible during his or her time with us.

“Internships offer a great opportunity for students to really get a feel for the industry and understand a live working environment. Our goal is to give all our interns the tools they need, and as many opportunities as possible, to explore and understand their chosen field, by working on live projects and under the guidance of more experienced creatives.”- Chelsea, Director

“Sometimes interns forget that they’re walking into an already set-up situation where we’re all crazy busy, where the projects are not always the most glamorous, and where things can get a little crazy. This can be a bit of a culture shock coming from the more sheltered environment of university. The important thing to remember is that you will only get out of an internship as much as you are willing to put in. So our advice for any intern, whatever your field, is to take some initiative and get involved!”- Chris, CEO

Keen to learn more about Coffee Creative Studio and our internship programmes? Give us a shout; we’d love to have a chat over a good cuppa coffee!

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