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The emergence of AI platforms like ChatGPT has sparked a common concern among many professionals will AI put me out of work? While it’s true that AI may automate some tasks and make certain jobs redundant, the World Economic Forum has stated that people won’t become redundant. Instead, we should learn to work alongside AI to become more productive and focus on developing skills that machines don’t possess.

Who is this robot and what does it do?
ChatGPT is a conversational AI platform that uses NLP and ML to create interactive conversations with users. Its ability to produce almost any kind of text or written output to an almost human quality is impressive, but it is not a replacement for human intelligence and creativity.

How AI Can Assist, Not Replace
So, who are the people that can use ChatGPT?

To put it simply – anyone can. From writing your shopping list to crafting your CV or finding quotes to use in a presentation, ChatGPT can be used by most. However, for the purpose of this blog, we are going to unpack how professionals in our specific industry can use ChatGPT to enhance their productivity by focusing on crafting their niche and unique skills while AI does some of the more mundane work.

Hello, copywriters (I, a copywriter, shaking as I use actual brainpower and not AI to write this). Copywriters are tasked with using their language skills to craft compelling text that promotes products and services. They possess a keen understanding of the buyer’s journey and can create content that resonates with audiences at each stage of the sales funnel. A good copywriter is also adept at adjusting their writing style to match the tone and voice of the target audience. Despite the capabilities of ChatGPT in generating written content, copywriting requires an original thought process that goes beyond regurgitating information already available online. The human touch is essential in capturing personality, meaning, and brand voice in a way that connects with customers on a deeper level. Therefore, copywriters should not be concerned that ChatGPT will put them out of work (Phew! ). Instead, they should focus on developing their creativity and original thinking skills while using ChatGPT to help them with the humdrum copy.

Similarly, journalists are known for their ability to conduct thorough research and use original thinking to report on current events and craft articles that resonate with readers. While ChatGPT can assist in generating article outlines, summaries, and headlines, it falls short of replacing a journalist’s essential original thinking skills. A journalist’s unique perspectives and creativity are essential in crafting engaging articles and providing insights into complex topics that go beyond what can be generated by an AI program.

ChatGPT offers a valuable tool for computer programmers and developers with its ability to produce code in multiple computer languages. However, it is important to note that ChatGPT’s limitations restrict its capability to create complex software that modern applications demand. ChatGPT can be particularly useful for simplifying coding tasks by breaking them down into smaller components, creating short routines, and assisting with identifying bugs and errors in existing code.

ChatGPT’s writing abilities can be of great use to public relations (PR) professionals who want to create social media content that promotes their company’s news and messaging. Nevertheless, PR professionals need to have a clear understanding of their brand’s values and voice to ensure that ChatGPT can create authentic content. By providing ChatGPT with a detailed understanding of the brand’s tone and voice, PR professionals can leverage this technology to create content.

The unequalled art of storytelling
AI cannot replace an authentic human story, one that has unique origins and colourful characters. And because storytelling has been used to connect and bridge gaps between humans since the beginning of time, we use it to connect people to brands, because a good brand is one with a bona fide history that resonates with its consumers. Yes, ChatGPT can spit out a beautiful-sounding story that evokes emotion in your consumers, but it can never speak directly to their pain points or tell the real history, challenges, successes and value of your brand because nobody can copy your story – it’s yours. The brands that feel human and speak human are the ones that stand out and turn into a legacy, because the only thing that truly stands the test of time is a story.

Thriving alongside AI
In conclusion, the emergence of AI platforms like ChatGPT is not a threat to human jobs. Instead, it provides an opportunity for professionals to focus on developing their unique skills and capabilities that AI cannot replace, such as emotional intelligence, empathy, and creativity. AI can assist in automating mundane tasks and improving productivity, but it cannot replace human intelligence and creativity.

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