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We’ll be the first to admit that we’re incredibly lucky to have the clients that we do. We’re even luckier that they trust us to handle a variety of areas within their branding. This year, we took on the complete design and development of a brand new website for Jitterbugs, a personalised sticker and label printing company based in Waterfall.

Their old site was exceptionally static and did not work on mobile devices at all. This meant that it featured poorly on the usability side of things. It also didn’t do the fun, vibrant and energetic brand justice either. Another aspect that needed our attention was that all online sales could only be completed if a visitor was signed up as a member. This was something that presented a barrier to sales, so we got to work to improve things…

Whenever we begin a new site from the ground up, we always ask ourselves what the brand speaks, and what their audience would respond most to. With parents making up the bulk of the brand’s clientele, we needed to create an easy-to-use site that appealed to them. We decided that as an e-commerce site, it was best to break products up into easily distinguished categories, in order make the journey to check out as simple as possible.

With many parents on the go, we figured it made sense to create a site that transcended the device that it was being viewed on. As a result, the new Jitterbugs site is fully responsive across all devices.

We also included a unique product display feature so that you can get a full view of what you plan on ordering. Now, customers can get a real-time preview of their chosen design on their desired product without going to another page to see what the final product would look like.

We added over 300 products and their variations, helping to boost potential sales for the brand by showing customers exactly what can be purchased. The order process was also simplified, with improved navigation to make checkout easier than ever before. Check out was also given a boost with a Google Maps autocomplete solution. Now, customers can select the area they fall into to receive accurate delivery costs associated with that area.

In terms of site longevity and affordability, we implemented a CMS for the client to update herself. This has given the Jitterbugs team a new degree of control through which they can effectively manage and update the site as the need arises. It also enables them to add and remove designs at the click of a button, something they’ll use as they introduce new products and designs all the time!

At first, we were approached by Jitterbugs to make their online store more mobile friendly. We went beyond that, automating many processes for the client, allowing them to save time and increase their production capabilities.

All in all, we’re pretty pleased with the end result, as is the Jitterbugs team. Check out our hard work here,

At Coffee Creative Studio, we’re no strangers to web development. It’s something we really enjoy and for that reason, we handle every aspect of web creation in-house. If you need a brand new website, or if your current one needs a facelift, why not chat to us today? To see whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with, click here.

This is what Tamlyn Doig, owner of Jitterbugs, had to say.


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