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Fine, we’ll admit it. There’s just something about Christmas that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! As much as it’s a celebration of traditions that go way back, we figured it’s time we create a few new traditions of our own. So if you’re keen to join us, here’s how we plan to make this Christmas one to remember…

1) Remix your tree
Nothing says “Christmas” like a Christmas tree but let’s be honest, our environment can’t really afford to be dishing out the live trees of years gone by. Why not find an epic way to create something original? You could even change it up by making or creating a new tree every year. Our favourite one has got to be this guy!

But if he’s not your cup of tea, check out a few more here:…

2) Give chocolate advent calendars the boot
Whilst we love them, we’re just not five anymore. So, if you’re a grown up wanting to get in on the count down to Christmas, you could always consider a boozy adult advent calendar. We’re big fans of this Ginvent calendar, and although it’s only available abroad, you could definitely make your own!


Get inspired and into the Christmas spirits (you see what we did there?) here:…

3) Substitute the standard Christmas cake

Apologies to grannies and aunties everywhere – but Christmas cake is a tradition we’d like to see overhauled. Why not consider a cheeky cheesecake for the occasion or even a festive ice cream cake to suit the sweltering temperatures of Christmas in South Africa? This chocolate cherry cheesecake gets our vote, but there are plenty to be found online.

4) Update the usual spread

You know it’s Christmas when you’re left feeling stuffed like a Christmas Turkey once the massive meal is over. Why not make Christmas lunch a lighter affair with a large assortment of snacks, dips and cheeses? Or go a little more local with gourmet boerie rolls or a proudly South African potjie, there’ll be less to clean up after anyway.

5) Don’t forget to give back

Giving back to those less fortunate is an important part of the festive season that we often forget. As a family or with your significant other, why not choose a worthy cause to make a donation to each Christmas? It could be monetary, your time or even things around the house that you no longer have use for.

6) Pump up the jams

Yes, Christmas carols are a must but we like the idea of mixing up the playlist for your festive family gathering. Ahead of time, why not contact each person who will be attending your lunch or dinner and ask them to submit five songs that they’d like to hear. That way, you have a Christmas album that everyone enjoys that doesn’t only consist of Boney M… It also makes for great memories later on!

Sure, this post is all about Christmas, but we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t include a shameless punt about us. So, if you’re looking to add a unique spin to your brand why not give yourself the gift of a logo or website you can be proud of? For more on our range of services, contact us today!

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