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The Challenge

To develop and execute a hard-hitting strategy with the fundamental goals of driving event awareness nationally and achieving maximum ticket sales within the private, public and business sectors, all within a 4-week time frame.

Nailed It

With all hands on deck, we created a look and feel that matched the sophistication and prestige of the world-class event. Our marketing strategy was fundamentally rooted in a value proposition push. This was communicated effectively through key campaign messaging, data on target customer demographics, market analysis and other high-level marketing plan elements.

Team Talk

Brand Strategy

Included creating a look and feel, developing a social media strategy and mass media advertising. Opportunities for audiences to be exposed to the messaging repeatedly was enabled by TV and radio adverts, email marketing, online banner ads and street pole ads. Our social media management strategy included content creation and live event coverage, with an influencer campaign and competition providing additional opportunities to achieve greater event awareness and ticket sales.


A modern, minimal look with gradient colours that would be eye-catching enough to work on print media and digital. The use of blocks in the design elements imbue professionalism and sophistication, which invoke feelings of trust in the audience. As T.D. Jakes was the main selling point, we used large images of him to generate greater interest.