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The Challenge

Awaken the Dreamscape brand by developing the brand image from inception and cement the company as a high-end travel agency that top-tier clientele from around the world would be comfortable selecting as their preferred travel company partner.

Nailed It

The elegant look and feel for the brand CI we created was communicated through the fonts, colour palette, textures, logo design, copywriting and art direction. Altogether, this worked to reinforce Dreamscape’s high-end getaways as being the epitome of class, sophistication and the vacations of dreams.

Team Talk


The aim was to create a high-end logo that would capture the sophistication of the brand and its luxury travel packages. It inspires feelings of opulence and being treated like royalty. Gold was chosen for the colour of the icon so that it could stand out on multiple branding elements while still keeping the feelings of wealth and regality. The entire aesthetic for Dreamscape is based on the principle of a ‘less is more’ minimal design with big beautiful photos of South Africa.

Web Development

The website mirrored a digital brochure that would prompt visitors into choosing Dreamscape as their perfect holiday destination partner. Visuals and text set the scene for idyllic holiday experience by cerebrally transporting users into the dreamcations presented on-screen. All functionalities complemented the promise of an easy, luxury getaway experience before even embarking on a trip through simple navigation elements.