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The Challenge

To redevelop the DGC website with up-to-date functionalities that enhance the overall user experience and support the school’s overall purpose and mission, as well as integrate the school’s new branding for a consistent look and feel throughout.

Nailed It

To put the school’s best face forward we held an extensive photo shoot around the campus that would ensure the facilities were captured in high resolution. This provided a library of images for use on the website, as well as across other mediums for the school’s advertising. We also conducted an in-depth analysis of the old website to determine its areas of improvement, then executed all updates and developments accordingly.

Team Talk


Given that the first stage of school consideration starts with an internet search, it was important to capture the true essence of the school at the earliest point in the school-search process. We translated the physical school experience digitally to provide a window into the world of the campus and all that DGC has to offer. We displayed the best features of the school through imagery and copy that emphasizes its academic offering, diverse sport and extra-curricular programmes, and bustling campus life that come together to ensure a well-rounded and enriched student experience.

Web Development

Considering the vast amount of content that resides on a school website, we made the user experience more accessible with clear-cut navigation so that parents, students and those interested in the school could easily gain access to resources and stay abreast on current school news and events. This included a Press / News Release archive for school-related news, updates to annual fee structures and documentation updates throughout the school year in an easy-to-access downloads section.