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The Challenge

Translate the EAT app into a microsite that captures the energy and ethos of the brand, matching its simplicity through easy navigation and user experience while communicating every aspect of the EAT app’s purpose, functionality and rewards through engaging copy that builds brand awareness simultaneously.

Nailed It

Every recipe for a successful website needs tasty words that treat the reader. With the EAT app being new to the market, we used the psychology of creating memorability through repletion, as messages are absorbed better and more effective when repeated. The word “EAT” was used several times throughout the site as verbs and nouns to sell the brand, explain its cashback dining process and achieve our marketing intention of generating mindfulness. Copy was also delivered in short, snack-sized sentences on how to use it, why to use it and the many rewards one could reap by being an Eat App member, as the success of any app resides in having a simplistic process, which we wanted to convey throughout the site.

Team Talk


Using the existing CI of the EAT app, we created a lifestyle aesthetic using images that showcase all pertinent aspects of the brand, and how it fits into one’s life. This was achieved through images of food, joyful diners and the use of smartphone stills to visually display EAT as an app to be downloaded and used on one’s mobile device.  Overall the design delivered was clean and not busy on the eye, once again to achieve simplicity and to be effective.

Web Development

The EAT app website is a single, dynamic webpage highlighting the most pertinent aspects of the brand and its product. We integrated download buttons that connect to the App Store and Google Play Store to enable easy downloading of the app direct from the website. Social media integration was added as well as a contact us form, all placed within the same real estate space on the page for maximum effectiveness.