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The Challenge

To create a fun and engaging website that communicates and highlights all aspects of the camp and its associated experiences in order to drive attendee sign-ups for their different camp-experience packages

Nailed It

We scored 10/10 for developing a platform that translated the camp experience digitally, which through strong imagery and succinct copy, allowed site visitors to get a feel for the facilities, camp life and all that it entails. We added an interactive campground map that supplied titbits of information as pop-ups on specific locations and facilities at the camp when selected.

Team Talk


Given that the first stage of summer camp considerations start with an internet search, it was important to capture the true essence of the camp at the earliest point in the search process. We translated the physical camp experience digitally to provide a window into the various Summer Camp experiences provided. We displayed the best features of the school’s camps through imagery and copy that emphasize the fun, self-development and all-round rewarding experiences enjoyed by every student who joins.

Web Development

The client’s main goal was to help facilitate a largely updateable, easy-to-navigate, yet highly-customised website to suit the brand identity they had envisioned for their summer camps. To achieve this, various sections of the website had to allow for the dynamic placement of custom blocks, with little to no knowledge of coding. We built a custom map that allows users to explore each facility and receive snack-sized information with the click of a button, and developed a versatile pop-up plugin to allow for instant updates on camp schedules, news and offerings.