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The Challenge

Help the brand leverage the power of online, trade round the clock and acquire a greater share of the e-shopping market sector by developing a professional, easy-to-use e-commerce platform with new enhancements that would provide holistic value, and appeal, to new-age digital shoppers.

Nailed It

A Design Wizard Template was built that enabled online shoppers to custom design their own stamp direct from the platform. This allowed visitors to the site to upload their own artwork, which would create a stamp-friendly version of itself for preview. Customers were also given the option to utilise existing templates as a base to work from, or if designing a stamp was not required, utilise the text only editor.

Team Talk


With an enhanced design wizard, we sped up the design approval process, and in so doing, reduced turnaround times on product orders. We furthered this by building an in-templating system for customers to create their stamps on something predesigned, while still being able to personalize it to their required needs.

Web Development

In the past, customers were limited to a text only editor with minimal preview functionality, devoid of drag and drop, and no templates to fall back on. This was improved with several new features incorporated to help customer’s build their desired stamp faster and with all the relevant information and nuances desired. Further to this, we built a service to create a Commissioner of Oaths stamp, based on one’s designation, to help streamline their online ordering process and reduce design change reverts.