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The Challenge

Create an interactive, online platform for Sharks Uncaged that would give fans the power to access and navigate its monthly content easier, on mobile devices and desktop, with a quick monthly turnaround for the release of each issue to accommodate time-sensitive information.

Nailed It

With a completely unique experience on mobile and desktop, Sharks Uncaged delivered a seamless user experience for fans, while delivering advertising in an organic manner. By constantly improving the system, the turnaround time was quick and the back-end interface simple to use, ensuring delivery of a high-quality magazine for rugby fans and readers to enjoy.

Team Talk


Readers appreciate choice; thus we ensured that the content for Sharks Uncaged could be accessed on both mobile devices and desktop, with two platforms developed to allow for this. Simple navigation tools allowed readers to scroll vertically back-and-forth through different ‘chapters’, and horizontally to read the specifics of a selected article.

Web Development

Using WordPress and a combination of advanced jQuery on a MySQL database, we developed a platform that was easy to use, quick to update and offered a simple user experience. As the majority of readers reside in South Africa, a dedicated South African server ensured that the performance of the platform was always optimal.