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The Challenge

To rebrand Splashy Fen’s public image and brand CI to better reflect the true nature of the festival and appeal to the next generation of festival goers.

Nailed It

We developed new visuals and a marketing strategy that showcased Splashy Fen as a friendly, family-orientated festival where young and old build memories that last a lifetime. We improved the website’s navigation, look and feel and mobile responsiveness for enhanced user-experiences, and designed a logo that could carry through the years and connect with audiences right away.

Team Talk


To reinforce its new ‘family-friendly’ position, the look and feel were redesigned to depict a fun, bright and wholesome brand identity.  A tent was used to represent the ‘A’ in Splashy Fen. This tied in with the camping aesthetic, while the original otter iconography that is synonymous with the brand’s identity was simplified to represent the easy, relaxed nature of Splash Fen. The otter’s popped up head and expression invokes a sense of curiosity and surprise that each festival goer experiences when they attend Splash Fen.

Web Development

As the brand has evolved, the website has transitioned accordingly with this metamorphosis, experiencing several upgrades to the UI and UX. Today, the website stands as a central online space for all Splashy Fen related activities. We incorporated a newsletter sign up, click-throughs to download the Splashy Fen app, mobile responsiveness and booking software features for the seamless sale of tickets.