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The Challenge

To refresh The Dolphins’ brand image and website, then develop and execute a new brand strategy using current and unexplored digital channels that would increase brand presence and hype.

Nailed It

We redeveloped and redesigned an engaging, user-friendly website to serve as an entertaining information nucleus where fans and sponsors could stay informed on The Dolphins’ activities. We also provided timeous sports and events coverage, as well as social media management utilising new media and engaging content. This offered fans a thrilling Dolphin’s cricket experience inside and outside of the stadium.

Team Talk


We used a solid font to depict the team’s control and precision, but incorporated slants to convey the sense movement that comes with playing a game of cricket. The angle of the text creates the illusion of a player climbing onto the stands, firing up the crowd as the game commences, provoking quick, emotional responses from the audience. Player photos were selected as standout visuals to highlight the brand as people-driven,  first and foremost.

Web Development

The aim was to create a website in synthesis with the brand. We consolidated all team-related information to reduce digital sprawl, enhanced the UX and integrated a system to keep track of accurate results concurrent with competitions.