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The Challenge

To establish consistency and cohesion in all brand communications, expand The Sharks’ digital presence and grow their empire through a streamlined brand strategy.

Nailed It

Our game plan was to establish a consistent personality for The Sharks brand through language and visuals that accurately reflected its identity and ethos. This was then injected into a new brand strategy that aligned with both short and long-term goals. We developed a new website with enhanced UX, and turned sports coverage, as well as The Sharks social media experience, into a scenic digital adventure for fans and sponsors alike.

Team Talk

Brand Strategy

Our campaigns, had both a push and pull factor; prescribing to three tiers of success – strategy, income generation and growth and development. This ensured that all key objectives were met, while simultaneously supported our efforts to keep The Sharks at the forefront of rugby transformation in the country, be ahead of the pack in terms of fan engagement and stay on top of their game.


Multiple design-related projects for The Sharks have been executed, including the #OurSharksForever campaign – focused on fans publicly expressing pride in the team. Design elements were rolled out across internal and external branding, including social media posts, billboards, match day collateral etc. Images were emotive and depicted fan and player loyalty.

Web Development

The autonomous website and e-commerce platforms were consolidated into an all-in-one, easily accessible online hub. We integrated a system to keep a record of, and update, game fixtures and results in real time, while the e-commerce functionality allowed fans to purchase products directly from the website, allowing the brand to leverage fan visits for commercial purposes.