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The Challenge

Create a universally-recognisable logo that would overcome all language barriers and serve as an inspiring international symbol for the primary focus of the NPO’s global initiative - the conservation and preservation of sloths, and the restoration of their natural environments around the world.

Nailed It

Based on their universal appeal, we designed an innovative emblem logo that effectively communicates the organisation’s purpose and mission, using mind-bending iconography and that is both memorable and aesthetically pleasing. Green, the colour of life, renewal and nature was incorporated to add a touch of softness that inspires positive outlooks.

Team Talk


Using negative and positive space, we created an optical illusion of two separate pictures nestled within one illustration – the face of a sloth and the shape of a heart. The sloth is shown to be smiling, in reference to the positive work that The Sloth Conservation Foundation does for these animals, while the heart speaks to opening one’s heart in support of the worthy cause. The circular shape is adaptive to different mediums, which was intentional to allow the logo to be easily translated into stickers, screen-printing, embroidery and other forms of marketing collateral.

Fonts & colours