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The Challenge

Create a functional, visually appealing website that delivers the NPOs overwhelmingly large bank of information and content in a simple, easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate format. Additionally, the site needed to allow for multi-currency donations on a once-off or monthly basis.

Nailed It

The final product is a visually stimulating experience, incorporating imagery from internationally recognized wildlife photographer, Suzi Eszterhas. The WordPress CMS allows for content to be easily updated across the website and simplified donations management, with an “Adopt a Sloth” functionality allowing donors to give to specific causes and be presented with a PDF certificate as gratitude for their donation in real time.

Team Talk


Our strategy was based on the principle of simplicity as the ultimate mark of sophistication. A combination of great photos, inviting design aesthetics and 3rd party integrations allowed our team to build a platform that is easy to navigate, understand and update. Our goal was to ensure that the client, and other members of the NPO, with little or no web management experience could comfortably make updates to the website and manage their own donations without requiring any external assistance.

Web Development

Initially the requirement was for the platform to enable donors to pledge funds via PayPal. We incorporated a subscription-based model that allowed donors to adopt a sloth for a set period, with the added ability to choose which sloth they wanted to support. Thereafter, a subsequent visual overhaul was requested, which included additional tabs for resource-based information on sloths, as well as additional donation products that could allow individuals to donate according to their carbon footprint, using an innovative carbon calculator.