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The Challenge

Rebrand SMG with a proudly South African identity, while keeping the image and voice of each international car brand distinctive. We were also tasked with creating and publishing digital content to increase brand affinity and establish more authentic connections with its target market.

Nailed It

We adapted the SMG logo to perpetuate the sense of vibrant movement and freedom of the open road. The new tagline, ‘Globally Inspired, Locally Refined’ references the international car brands it represents, and highlights SMG’s uniquely South African buying experience. These elements were carried across all collateral, dealership brandings and digital communications; with the newly established identity helping SMG be recognised as more than just a series of car dealerships, but as a brand in its own right.

Team Talk

Brand Strategy

Our rebranding sought to reposition SMG as a luxury automotive Group with its own identity. Concurrently, we needed to ensure that the voice of each car brand was not lost in the process. All elements from design, to copywriting, website development, social media and strategy worked symbiotically to achieve this intention.


SMG looks to sell the sense of the journey, the experience and the emotion attached to a specific car. We focused on images that connect people to this journey and the high-end lifestyle a car from SMG creates. Our intrinsically South African backdrops and settings demonstrate the true essence of what the SMG brand stands for and communicate that accordingly – Globally Inspired, Locally Refined.

Web Development

Our idea was to build a website that resonated with the standalone identity of SMG while serving as a comprehensive guide to each car brand that SMG represents. As the focal point of the brand, we ensured that the digital experience mirrored that of being at a brick-and-mortar SMG dealership, thereby sculpting it into a trusted motoring platform. The enquiry system was also upgraded to streamline the sale of cars from the website.