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The Challenge

To redevelop, redesign and refresh the existing Veritas website to align with its modern brand identity and present potential clients with a completely unique user-experience online that mirrors the dynamic service that the brand offers within the real world.

Nailed It

Drawing inspiration from the company slogan, “brands in motion”, we utilised design and development techniques to illustrate movement in different ways across the site. The cool animation and uniqueness of the design aesthetic highlight Veritas’ ability to escape generic conventions and delve into deeper creative ideas when providing BTL solutions to clients.

Team Talk


All elements came together, from copy to design to development to represent the brand online in its truest form. We cleverly used the concept of minimalism to create a modern look and feel, with subtle elements creating depth effects that resulted in a distinctive and memorable website that engages user attention.

Web Development

Aesthetics and brand appeal played a major part in the execution of the website, as well as the different transitions and effects we employed on the platform. The aim was to enhance a user’s navigation experience, whilst not detracting from aesthetic cues. We used several techniques to engage visitor’s throughout the website, utilising movement, secondary graphics display, “hidden” Easter egg animations and a custom cursor. Brand immersion was the goal and upon seeing the perfectly-packaged and developed website, you can’t help but dive in.