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The Challenge

Build a customised online platform complete with mobile responsivity and a functional online shop that would facilitate donations easier, bank reconciliation and sponsor management through the website.

Nailed It

Our first order of business was to build responsivity into the website using adaptable layouts that allow the platform’s content and design to appear and operate the same on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Thereafter we incorporated all relevant functionalities related to building a functional online shop and streamlining the donations process for Zulufadder donors.

Team Talk


The site was designed and developed from scratch with Coffee Creative Studio building custom importing scripts to pull across years’ worth of data from the previous platform, ensuring that no important information or resources were lost. Coupled with the requested new functionalities and design, we produced a website with greater operational efficiencies.

Web Development

To eliminate the need for Zulufadder to pay large fees each year to a third party for the facilitation of debit orders, bank reconciliation and debit order instructions, we built a system that works with the DNB Bank of Norway to process all of Zulufadder’s banking requirements. The systems keeps a record of many users are active, how many are up to date with sponsorships and which children are in need of sponsorships.