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When you think of branding strategy, corporate businesses often come to mind rather than educational institutions. And yet, the benefit that schools receive from cohesive branding is monumental. The truth is that every single organisation that engages with the public requires some type of strategy for branding.

Today’s parents have more choice than ever before when it comes to nursery schools, primary schools, high schools and tertiary institutions. From private, public and traditional on-site campuses, to online campuses, learning facilities are changing with the tides. Your school needs to stand out from the rest in order to attract students and educators. A large part of a school’s reputation comes down to brand positioning. Without brand strategy, it can become impossible for educational instructions to connect with students, parents and other key people involved in the decision of where to send their child to school.

The Importance of Branding Strategies for Schools

Why are branding strategies so crucial for schools? For starters, a clear, defined, optimised strategy will offer the following advantages…

  1. Provide a consistent message on what is important to your school. By defining your school’s values and mission, parents and students will know what is important to the school. Articulating your school brand clearly allows you to define your own story, rather than letting other people define it for you.
  1. Achieve major business goals for your school. Brand positioning also allows you to attract higher quality students. This in turn makes it easier to meet your goals year after year. A strong brand builds reputation and garners loyalty. It also helps to strengthen bonds with alumni and encourages stakeholders to invest in your school.
  1. Enhances your reputation and status within the community. A clear brand works hand in hand with word-of-mouth promotion, helping to grow your reputation organically. Schools that have a strong online presence, consistent branding across marketing platforms and clearly defined purposes find it easier to establish a lasting reputation.
  1. Differentiate you from other schools. In the competitive space, solid branding can make all the difference for parents trying to choose between schools. Schools that have a strong presence across multiple marketing channels have a higher perceived worth. When value is the core deciding factor, choices can be made wisely without focusing entirely on fee costs.
  1. Attract a higher calibre of faculty and staff. In addition to attracting students, you also need to attract the right people for your faculty. A strong brand that represents its teachers in a way that is fair, positive and inspiring serves to attract future educators who want to work for your school.

Coffee Creative Studio offers a bespoke selection of branding strategy solutions for schools and various other industries within South Africa. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today and let us know how we can assist with your school brand strategy.

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