Online Communication and Social Media

Does the idea of marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram overwhelm you? Don’t worry; that’s what we do best. At Coffee Creative Studio we offer management and support services to help you and your brand become the experts of these platforms.

Alongside an effective strategy and the ability to measure your results, you’ll soon see why so many world-famous brands are making social media their favourite marketing playground.

With social media, you can market your business, promote products and services, and get valuable feedback from customers on what they want.


Marketers are using video content to engage audiences on social media and capture their attention. In many cases, video content has been reported to have helped consumers make a purchasing decision. We’re living in
a fast-paced world, and video marketing is one of the few types of online material that can offer the value, relevance, and flexibility that consumers want.

It’s even predicted that by 2019, more than 80% of web traffic will be claimed by video. Be sure your brand is staying ahead of the curve!

If you’re looking for video to be a part of your marketing strategy, our team of videographers are extremely professional and have produced some top-quality work, particularly for ‘The Sharks’.

Online Communication Packages

 Instant CoffeeGreen BeanLight RoastMedium RoastDark Roast
Strat Meeting Once a Month
Content Creation
Community Management
Min Media Spend RequiredN/AAdditionalAdditionalAdditionalAdditional
Monthly Report
Videos2x 30-second videos
Videography DiscountN/A5%10%15%20%

Additional Online Communication Services

When it comes to building, and maintaining brand loyalty, consistent communication with your customers is key. With most of your target market communicating online, you need to be able to reach them.

With this in mind, we’ve created personalised online communication services to help you create and send exciting and relevant messages to your fans and customers.

We’re proud to offer the following online communication services:


As one of the most preferred and popular communication platforms, emails present one of the most effective ways to reach your target market.

Stay in contact with clients, let them know your news and tell them about promotions and sales that they can’t refuse! At Coffee Creative Studio, we’ll create engaging custom e-newsletters that reflect your corporate identity and brand ethos. They’re also reusable, editable, and easy to use!

Our chosen system makes for easy and efficient bulk online communications with your customers.

You’ll also benefit from our reporting and management systems that accurately generate and evaluate your marketing communication.

SMS Services

Along with a tailored email campaign, why not create a mobile one? This is just as easy and can be personalised using your subscribers’ information on our system.

Centrally Controlled Email Signatures

Signatures are controlled centrally, and changes can be applied instantly, enabling you to create, design, manage and control professional email signatures across the business in a few clicks.

The system allows for granular
control of the signatures so that each department, region or individual in your business can have a totally different look and feel with custom templates, signatures, or disclaimers.

Drive traffic to specific areas like your social media, your website
or even have a newsletter sign-up and track the engagement levels of your email signature.

We at Coffee Creative Studio have clients all over the country, and by making use of technology and our unique creative brew, we’re able to successfully achieve our clients' business goals regardless of where you are, so contact us today!

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