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Picture this. It’s 2007, you’re rocking your trusty old flip phone, feeling pretty tech-savvy. Then, in comes the iPhone with all its shiny features – internet connectivity, apps, a touch screen – it’s mind-boggling. Suddenly, your reliable flip phone looks ancient and not only that- from 1st of July 2023, it has been switched off and there is no way you can turn it back on!

This analogy might seem a bit stretched, but it’s quite accurate when it comes to the change from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Yeah, UA’s been your flip phone. It has served you well, given you great (if very basic) insights, and helped you measure the success of your digital presence. But now, there’s a new kid on the block – GA4, the sleek iPhone of the Analytics world.

First off, GA4 isn’t just a fancier version of UA (it’s definitely not just hitting the auto-upgrade on an app when your phone tells you!), but it’s an entirely new way to understand your audience.  While UA is a session-based model, GA4 is event-driven. GA4 allows you to get more detailed, specific insights, helping you react to changes in user behaviour instantly. It’s like going from texting on a numerical keypad to swiping on a touchscreen!

Secondly, Coffee Creative’s GA4 setup process allows you to measure events specific to your business goals- so you can see exactly what actions your users are taking, and where there may be issues and areas of improvement to target and focus on. However, to get the full power of the system, there is a bit of a kickoff process to get everything set up just right.

Plus, GA4 is future-proof. The future of digital marketing is in predicting user behaviour. GA4 comes with built-in predictive analytics, giving you the power to foresee user actions. This is like the jump from checking the weather in the newspaper to getting live weather updates on your smartphone.

It’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive. Shifting from the known to the unknown can feel daunting. But remember when we all thought the iPhone was too complicated, too different? Now, it’s a staple in our lives, and we can’t imagine going back to our flip phones.

So, fear not! Take the leap, contact us to complete your transition to GA4 if you haven’t already, and step into the future of analytics. After all, who wouldn’t want to swap their old flip phone for a brand-new iPhone?

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