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Be careful what you wish for. Some of us (okay fine, most of us) thought that working from home would be like winning the lottery. Turns out, it isn’t quite the jackpot we’d imagined.

The walls are closing in, we don’t own enough daytime pyjamas and the kids are driving us a little bonkers (pretty sure they’re thinking the same thing about us), so some of our Beans sent into the universe, a series of Working from Home Survival Tips to help others successfully manage the challenges of home confinement while delivering on professional responsibilities. Here’s how we’re making our work-from-home situations work – with practical and pleasant solutions as SA now heads into alternating levels of the national lockdown.

Start the Day by Listening to Something Motivational

“I start every morning by listening to something positive and motivational in the form of a podcast or audiobook. I find this helps me start the day with the right frame of mind.”
– Jordan

Create a Routine

“Building a routine to follow during lockdown has been super helpful, specifically while juggling working from home with kids. Having a schedule that includes exercise, mealtimes and breaks with the kids has made the transition of working at home a lot easier, and a great way for your kids to understand when mom and dad are free to play in between work.”
– Chelsea

Disable Auto-Updates On Your Device

“Limited home data? Disable auto-updates on laptops to avoid running out of internet fast. That way, you won’t deplete your data bundles unknowingly and can save a few Rands to buy more lockdown snacks. Hey, we all have our coping mechanisms…. nom nom.”
– Garth

Set Rules for People at Home with You

“Create a list of rules and stick it up in places where people can see it often. i.e. no noises while on a call, a closed-door means no interruptions etc. This helps limit distractions and keep you productive.”
– Jazz

Maintain Your Old Schedule

“Keep the same time schedule and discipline as you would in the office. Have a set time for tea and lunch. Avoid the call of the snack cabinet if you’re trying to eat healthier. Close your machine at lunchtime.”
– Bonga

Write a List of Priorities for the Day

“I like to write down my tasks and objectives in my diary every day. This way, I can manage my time and prioritise what is most important.”
– Julian

Remember what Motivates You and Exercise

“Remember what is important to you and what drives you every day. Write it down and paste it somewhere you may see it often, so that it reminds you when you are feeling a bit down. It’s an uncertain time and you need to remember what and who is important to you. Additionally, do some exercise to clear the mind and reset!
– Chris

Eat Away from Your Workspace

“I find taking 30 minutes away from my computer to sit outside, get some fresh air away from my screen, helps me massively. It’s almost like an emotional and mental reset in the midst of the day’s business.”
– Tam

Scent Your Workspace with Productivity-Boosting Aromas

“I use a citrus-scented air dehumidifier while working. I associate the smell with work time and it puts me into a positive mode and mindset.”
– Kyle

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