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If you’ve ever wanted tangible proof that hard work and brilliant brand building pays off big, here it is. 

Coffee Creative Studio is proud to announce that Echo Life, a new CBD lifestyle brand that we built and marketed from the ground up, has been acquired by Labat Africa Group, a South African black-owned fully integrated cannabis business with a focus on healthcare and wellness.

Echo Life was founded by USA-based Jason Graaff and Johan van Wyk and our very own Coffee Creative Studio. These bold entrepreneurs identified a gap in the South African market for CBD-infused wellness products that have been hitting global store shelves and gaining popularity by health-conscious consumers by the millions.

The Echo Life brand building process began just over 18 months ago. After weeks of in-depth research, SWOT analysis and refining ideas for the nth time, we developed a cool brand CI.  This included crafting a brand name; designing the logo, look and feel and product packaging; as well as establishing a brand voice and tone.  From there, a detailed marketing strategy was executed that included expansive elements for web, social media and offline marketing. 

Brand Marketing

Prior to its acquisition, the Echo Life product spectrum held five impressive offerings. This included lab-tested Echo Effect CBD-infused oil tinctures, topical creams and pain sticks; an Echo Aura beauty range, Echo Beverages, Echo Bars and Echo Life for Pets.

“It was important for Labat to ensure that supply could keep up with demand, as bringing the benefits of CBD to a wider market is part of our mission. In Echo Life, we found a company that would support the achievement of this goal,” said Brian Van Rooyen, CEO of Labat. “We were equally impressed with Echo Life’s offering and brand presence, as well as their roadmap and innovation expansion plans for 2022, which lend greatly to Labat’s own business growth endeavours.”

“I am incredibly proud of the outstanding work that our team at Coffee Creative Studio have done to make Echo Life a reality,” said CEO, Chris Micklewood. Our goal was to build a 21st-century brand that would flourish within the wellness market and had the highest chance of attracting potential buyers of the product – and the business. The acquisition of Echo Life by Labat is evidence to the value that well-planned and well-executed marketing can achieve. We set out to build a brand to sell and that’s just what happened.”

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