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One of the first questions people ask when they’re considering building a website for their business is, “How much does it cost?” The truth is that that depends completely on you; what you want your website to achieve and of course, your budget.

Most people don’t know that there are different types of websites that can be built to support their business needs, each with special design elements, aesthetics and functionalities that help with the achievement of goals in different ways.

Small businesses, for instance, may require a simple and basic platform without too many bells and whistles, whereas a larger enterprise with multiple divisions, product offerings, branches, initiatives and so forth may require a more complex platform to support its endeavours and illustrate the complete nature of the business.  In the end, the cost of a website comes down to what your business needs and the time it takes to bring that online platform to life.

Coffee Creative Studio designs and develops a range of website types that meet the objectives of the businesses they represent. This includes Landing Pages, Microsites, Standard Websites, eCommerce Platforms and Custom Developments. So, what are they?

Landing Page
Price: ±R10k

A landing page is a single, standalone page with no navigation to any secondary pages or additional content. They are created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign, or simply as an online directory where customers can get your contact details and get a tiny snapshot of who you are and what you do.

Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action.

They are ideal for small businesses and start-ups which don’t have a large budget but would like to establish a professional online presence fast.

Price: ±R28k

As the name suggests, a microsite is a miniature website made up of a single, dynamic webpage, with multi-dimensional functionalities. It is simple, cost-efficient and a visually appealing platform with which to deliver snack-sized, but relevant, information about your business, product or service. Depending on what you need, you may include information related to your company history, products and services, vision and mission, track record and what differentiates you in the market – all the information that helps people decide that you’re a good entity to do business with. They are perfect for small to medium businesses looking to develop a web presence and generate business through the digital space.

Standard Website
Price: ±R40k

Our standard websites really do set the standard when it comes to professionally polished products that present well on desktop, Tablets and smartphones. They are custom-built, fully responsive and include a select range of functionalities to give end-users an optimal online experience. These multipage websites contain robust information, allowing you to share greater detail about your business, products and services through different click-through pages with clean back-end coding. We take it upon ourselves to develop a design that creatively reflects the idiosyncrasies of your business and your industry, while following your lead and input. Established, multifaceted businesses and those that are household names benefit from standard websites as they are comprehensive and professional to align with audience expectations of the brand and provide a full scope into the nature of the business.

eCommerce Platform
Price: R70k+

An eCommerce platform is essentially a functional online store that allows you to build digital storefronts and trade within the online space. They are the backbone of any online retail enterprise, allowing you to trade round the clock and acquire a share of the e-shopping market sector. These platforms include many of the features as incorporated into a standard website, together with multiple eCommerce integration functionalities that enable end-users to view entire products ranges, add products to cart, checkout through secure payment gateways and so forth. eCommerce platforms are best suited to every business that sells a product as they cast customer networks wider and enable trade within the digital space.

Custom Development
Price: R120k+

A comprehensive website designed to suit your business’ needs in every possible way, a custom developed website is everything and anything you want it to be. It is built from the ground up and incorporates every design and functionality that you may require. There are no restrictions, within the realm of what can be done. Custom-built websites are a perfect long-term solution for companies who want to show off their character and offer heightened user-experiences to their audience. This is for any business that has that little extra budget to push their website above and beyond.

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