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Are you tired of receiving likes on social media, but having no conversion to sale for your product or service? Have you seen your organic posts’ impressions dwindle or not get the high engagement numbers they used to? Many brands that rely on organic marketing share your woes. In today’s crowded, high-noise media landscape, organic awareness just isn’t enough. Fewer people are seeing posts on social media that are not backed by ad spend. What many may not be aware of, is that this is by design. 

Social media platforms, as fun and engaging as they can be, are businesses first, and like all businesses, they exist to make money. Brands that can build a strong organic reach with high engagements don’t need to pay for ads. Thus they are not useful to social media platforms. As a result, these platforms have to make it much harder (using algorithms and other techniques) for brands to achieve their desired results organically. Businesses that aren’t willing to pay to advertise and promote their content simply go unseen.

However, there is a solution to this dilemma – Paid Media. 

Organic Media vs Paid Media

The term Organic Media refers to all free content that you post on your pages that you haven’t paid for promotion. When posted organically, that content will appear in the news feeds of people or pages that follow you.

Paid Media links ad spend to results. It refers to all social media posts, display ads, video ads, pop-ups and other multimedia content that are marketed with a budget. If a post in your news feed has a “Sponsored” or “Promoted” tag, that is considered a paid social post. 

Pros of Paid Social Media

Organic media has many drawbacks that paid media more than makes up for. Some of the benefits of Paid Media include: 

  • Advanced Targeting

Unlike organic media, paid media gives you total control over who sees your ads. Using a platform’s audience targeting features and demographic parameters, a brand can reach the precise shoppers that it wants to reach. This is a powerful way to both expand and engage your ideal audience at once. Through Paid Media, brands can leverage the various targeting options of social media to capture the attention of leads throughout their marketing funnels.

  • Amplified Reach

With posts from family and friends now being given priority on Facebook and Instagram, organic reach for brands is declining. Paid media gives brands instant visibility. With a little budget backing your posts, you can easily reach users who don’t exist within your brand’s social network, but are likely to be interested in your brand and its offering. Greater reach equals greater results.

  • No Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics are data that make your brand look good, but aren’t indicative of real performance. They also do little to support your marketing strategy, like the “share” feature. Paid Media provides measurable results by providing detailed insight into post effectiveness and can help drive future strategies to support greater ROI.

  • Fits Any Budget

No matter how small your budget, you can still be effective at Paid Media as the most successful brand accounts on social media are often those with the most attention-grabbing content – not necessarily the biggest spenders. Sponsored posts on Facebook can start from as little as R15, making it an affordable and viable option that caters to all business sizes and budgets.

Brands hoping to be successful on social media, and have that translate to real-world success, will benefit a great deal from Paid Media. To show your content to the right people, in the right place and at the right time, let us run a paid media campaign on your behalf. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Paid Media services. 

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