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Imagine you’ve stepped into an overcrowded room with 50 strangers inside and each person is wearing black from head to toe. You, on the other hand, are dressed in an assortment of neon colours and a feather boa. All eyes will probably dart in your direction and you’re likely to be remembered a lot more than anyone else. The websites that we build for our clients work the same way: they get attention.

Coffee Creative Studio develops websites that cut through digital noise using WordPress, an open-source web creation platform written in PHP that uses a MySQL database. Over 455 million websites globally are powered by WordPress, which has a 39% market share of all websites and 63.8% of all CMS websites. It is precisely due to this popularity that the platform is always technologically advanced and up-to-date, and among the reasons why we choose to develop using WordPress software.


Private Plugins

From an SEO, Google ranking and server compatibility perspective, WordPress is vastly supported, along with the ability to scale websites with multiple plugins. But not every plugin out there is safe to use. Vulnerable plugins and those hiding malicious code can be exploited by hackers to attack a site. This is where Coffee Creative Studio sets itself apart. We design and build our own private plugins from the ground up. This ensures that the source code is entirely private – not accessible by third parties and not available for download. As such, the integrity of your website’s security remains intact while it delivers safe, enhanced user-experiences that contemporary audiences expect from online sources.


Themes Built from Scratch

Like plugins, we professionally design customised themes from scratch for our clients and do not use any pre-existing WordPress templates. After all, every business is special and deserves to present itself publicly with accuracy and originality. Templates, however, translate into hundreds, if not thousands of somewhat-identical looking websites. However, each custom design that Coffee Creative Studio creates is unique and singular, with bespoke colour palettes, layouts and style elements to ensure that visual aesthetics are 100% on-brand and 100% recognisable by target markets.


Easy Edits & Updates

The idea of editing a template theme may seem simple in theory but it can actually be a weighty task due to restrictions in its build and design. Our custom-builds make it easier for site owners and their employees to make surface edits without any prior coding knowledge. Change artwork, edit text, amend pricing and upload a blog without any assistance. On top of being faster, this trait also makes our custom themes more adaptable. This is important in the long run because a website can’t stay the same forever. It needs to be updated regularly to keep up with the growth of a business, the needs of consumers and emerging new technologies.

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of WordPress and what our team can creatively manifest to build your dream website, get in touch with us. There’s never been a more important time for businesses to be online.

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