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The Challenge

Make MSI Recruiting’s brand image more youthful to appeal to the new millennial market, yet still maintain the corporate, professional aesthetic that businesses expect from an agency considered to be an extension of their hiring team.

Nailed It

Inspired by the concept of ‘the perfect match’, our logo design illustrates the effectiveness of MSI Recruiting for pairing the right career seekers with the right companies. The design further showcases the business as being the perfect match for brands looking for assistance with securing reliable human talent to join their organisations.

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An update of the previous logo, the concept was based on connections with a slight tech influence. The ‘people icon’ draws attention to the connections between companies and career seekers that are made possible by MSI Recruiting. Colours were based off the previous branding, with the addition of orange-red to make the brand stand out in its field. The font is clean with softer edges to provide a corporate aesthetic that is also friendly and inviting.

Fonts & colours