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The Challenge

To visually represent the restaurant as a vibey, modern eatery where the hip and trendy can enjoy great drinks and culinary adventures with a little sauciness.

Nailed It

Creating a brand persona was crucial for RepubliK to stand out in a saturated market, so we gave it an attitude that was unapologetically cool, sophisticated and inviting; one that spoke to contemporary diners. The new logo, imagery, dish descriptors on the menu and website communicate the restaurant vibe, while our social media strategy and content creation drove more foot traffic and solidified relationships between RepubliK and its customers.

Team Talk


As part of the rebrand, a new logo was designed for RepubliK. Letters ‘R’ and ‘K’ from the name, and the owners’ initials ‘T’ and ‘M’ were merged to construct the shape of a geometrical dinner table. The doodles on the menu exude casual cool while paying homage to the trendy, hipster and upscale nature of the restaurant.

Web Development

The idea was to build a website that would deliver an excellent digital food experience. We embraced a simple UI design that supported mobile browsing, without reducing the impact of the desktop experience, and integrated booking forms to streamline the online reservation process.