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The Challenge

With 15 dealerships nationwide offering new and used approved vehicles for purchase, as well as service bookings, car valuations and finance applications, the challenge was to consolidate these offerings into one easy-to-use digital platform with enhanced UX that would increase traffic and lead generation for each dealership, while allowing each dealership to individually manage sales and stock levels.

Nailed It

We integrated several 3rd party software into the digital dealership, including Autotrader, and developed a system that did not require SMG to change the way in which they load and manage stock, bringing ease and convenience to this operations. The website seamlessly integrates with the existing system and dynamically updates as required. Within a year, the new SMG website experienced over 200 000 visitors, five times more than the previous year.

Team Talk


Staying true to the SMG CI, we utilised brand images as well as functional items, to simplify the user experience and provide customers a more visual experience that captures, and delivers, the complete SMG dealership experience online.

Web Development

From a visual perspective, our idea was to build a website that resonated with the standalone identity of SMG while serving as a comprehensive guide to each car brand that SMG represents. As the focal point of the brand, we ensured that the digital experience mirrored that of being at a brick-and-mortar SMG dealership, thereby sculpting it into a trusted motoring platform. There are currently more than ten 3rd party software and solutions that integrate dynamically into the current SMG website. This number continues to grow as new functionalities are added and the demand requires.