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The Challenge

To put Durban Heat’s best foot forward by developing a brand identity that encompassed everything it meant to be proudly Durban; showcasing the team as one that brings flames to games and increase fan following through strategic marketing prior to, and during the Twenty20 cricket tournament.

Nailed It

The challenge was knocked for a six through striking visuals, iconography and campaign messaging that we believed would capture attention and ensure an impactful brand debut for Durban Heat. Thereafter, a thrilling live activation took place to introduce Durban Heat to the media and public. We developed a website for online searchability and built an exciting social media presence that would give fans an engaging brand experience, driven by information that was entertaining, insightful, educational and fun.

Team Talk

Brand Strategy

Following a launch at Moyo on the Pier with media, fans and key stakeholders in attendance, we executed a hard-hitting social media campaign to grow the brand’s audience.


The Durban Heat logo encompasses a solid, singular letter D with a cricket bat for its long vertical stroke and flames for the letter’s curved loop. To represent the cultural diversity of the team, we used different coloured smoke grenades, with the smoke uniting as one. As smoke is a by-product of fire, it subtly alerts audiences to the smoking hot level of game playing by the team.

Web Development

We built the Durban Heat website from the ground up in the most beautiful way so that it made a statement about who the team were and what they represented. The homepage served as an all-in-one resource centre with social media integration and all relevant information related to the brand presented in one centralised hub. The site also dynamically updated fixtures with results in real time.