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2017 was quite a year! Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, 90’s fashion made a comeback, Beyoncé popped twins, 140 million hours were watched on Netflix every day, Greenery was the Pantone colour of the year, and Salt Bae caused a stir on social media as he flamboyantly sprinkled salt on carved steaks.

Over here, at Coffee Creative Studio, 2017 brought not one, not two, but three engagements, some very exciting new projects and one epic Christmas Party! We began 2017 with a Coffee Bean count of ten and ended the year with twenty-two! We’ve even gone international! Vito Feremans joined us from Belgium, and he’ll be with us for the next six months, or we may just have to keep him here… forever.

So far, 2018 has been incredible and we pretty much hit the ground running after the Christmas break, (hence the very overdue blog post), but it’s totally been worth the madness!

It’s already March and the year, as always, is flying by. As we look ahead, there are many more exciting things to come (including three Coffee babies – yay) and of course, we’ve got some great new projects lined up.

A definite highlight and achievement already this year has been launching The Sharks digital magazine, ‘Sharks Uncaged’ – go and check it out Sharks Uncaged. Blood, sweat and tears (almost) went into creating this publication and we’re insanely proud of our Beans! Our dev team, especially, spent many a late night (and weekend) at the Studio – so major shout-out to them!

As we head into the rest of the year, things are looking bright! We’ve got a bunch of epic e-commerce websites on the go, one of which is for a Chocolatier based in London (what are the chances of chocolate samples making the Atlantic crossing by mail?), we’re about to launch the new Hollywoodbets Dolphins website and we’ll be working on another collaboration with The SPAR Group developing their customer service campaign!

So, you certainly are keeping us busy – and we love it! So whatever your requirements this year, be it website, social media, or design, we’re here to be your preferred creative partner and help you achieve your business goals!

Give us a shout, let’s get together, have a chat and enjoy a good cuppa!

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