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With more tools on the market than ever before, DIY website design is on the rise. While this is good news for personal bloggers who want to create a simple and quick website, it is not always ideal for businesses who want a powerful presence online. It can be tempting to look for cheap or free shortcuts that allow you to get a website up and running. Sadly however, taking the DIY route can be devastating in the long run.

Why is it so crucial to invest in professional website design? Let’s take a look to see what value you can expect from a professionally designed website.

Why Your Business Deserves Professional Website Design

Your business is everything to you. You’ve put in countless time and resources to get where you are today. Your website is the proverbial proof of the pudding, acting as a testament to what you have to offer. Often, your website is the very first introduction that a prospective client will have to your business. When a potential client arrives on your website, it takes a matter of seconds to determine whether they will stay and look further, or leave and never return. Even once that visitor is on your website, poor navigation, annoying pop-up ads and a less-than-appealing design can put them off enough to leave.

Needless to say, web design plays an integral part in getting visitors to click, enquire or make a purchase. But it also plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimisation, overall marketing strategies and even your branding strategies. Some of the reasons that you should be investing in professional website design include the following:

  1. Grow your online presence. Well-designed websites are created according to sound SEO practices, performing better online to drive more traffic. Factors such as navigation, interlinking, image optimisation and smart coding will all influence your online success.
  1. Improve your conversion. As we mentioned before, getting visitors to click through to key landing pages is essential. A high-converting website is almost always designed to attract visitors and keep them on the site.
  1. Create the right impression. That first impression is everything… if you cannot get and keep your visitor’s attention in the first few seconds that they land on your website, you may lose that potential customer forever.
  1. Ensure a faster, better website. Slow, clunky websites that are littered with auto-streaming videos, pop-up (or pop-under) boxes, frustrating Flash elements and clumsy code do not make for an easy browsing experience.
  1. Maintain a powerful brand identity. A website that is beautifully designed is one thing. A beautiful website that cohesively blends into your email, logo, packaging and overall brand strategy is pure gold however.

At Coffee Creative Studio, we create beautiful, smart websites that help your business thrive online. To learn more about our professional website design and development solutions, contact us today or view our portfolio to see our work in action.

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