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The year has just begun and one of the most mind-boggling discoveries we’ve made is that pigs (of all things!) are taking over in a BIG way. 
Peppa Pig, for instance, is set to blow up the box office with yet another smash movie in February and Miss Piggy from The Muppets had her New Year’s resolution retweeted and liked over 50 000 times on Twitter.

Now if you’ve just snorted and are asking yourself, what on Earth does any of this have to do with me, or my business? The answer is… quite a lot. So, pay attention.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2019 is the official Year of the Pig, a time of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. This means that if ever there was a time to embark on endeavours like branding or launching a new website to facilitate business growth and impact bottom lines favourably, this is it. The odds are in your favour.

For start-up and existing businesses serious about marketing, but without a handsome budget, Coffee Creative Studio has brewed the perfect pocket-friendly solution to kickstart the process – the Cafe Mocha Package.

This package allows you to design (or redesign) your logo and corporate ID, so that you can become a recognisable entity within your space. Imagine Nike without the smoosh, or McDonald’s without its golden arches. They wouldn’t be the same. Our branding service allows you to develop the same strong, identifiable images that will communicate your brand DNA and set you apart from the competition. We’ll ensure consistency in your brand identity and visual brand communications, all through innovative design work that realises and fulfils the needs of your business.

The package also includes microsite development, complete with SEO and mobile responsiveness, for an impactful, user-friendly website experience. This allows you to take your place in the online space fast and helps potential clients find you, without you ever having to lift a finger (winning!).

No matter your business or industry, we will develop to your unique set of needs and specifications. Annual web and email hosting, domain registration and a brand guidelines document round out this attractive package, providing an effective combination of services to meet your start-up marketing needs.

Join all the other smart businesses who are achieving their goals through our Cafe Mocha package. Start today, and in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying the kind of success that has you laughing all the way to the (piggy) bank.

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