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Supporting marketing managers to achieve client goals

Coffee creative studio account executives (AEs) wear many different hats.
They’re clever creatives, super strategists, project managers, report writers, time-keepers and sometimes even fire-fighters, helping companies avoid marketing mishaps before they have a chance to spark flames. but the most important role that AEs play is helping businesses and brands achieve their monthly, quarterly and annuals goals. this is done by liaising with your business’ marketing manager and creative marketing rollouts by our talented team.


client’s marketing manager

The voice of the client. the marketing manager’s role is to liaise with their business’/brand’s executive team internally and then provide our AE with a timely and informative strategic and tactical marketing direction based on the company’s monthly/quarterly/yearly goals and KPIs. you inform, we execute.

ccs account executive

The link between client and agency. The account executive’s role is to creatively build on, assist with, interpret and expand on directions provided by our client’s marketing manager. The AE works in conjunction with the CCS resource team to develop creative marketing elements that best achieve the client’s business goals and marketing plans as outlined by the marketing manager.

responsibilities within the marketing process

marketing manager

Outlines the marketing strategy for the client’s business, then instructs the CCS AE on marketing requirements and project timelines.

Briefs in required tasks to account executive.

Provides full requirements in terms of end collateral.

Supplies relevant quarterly marketing strategic-level plans

Informs AE of industry/business specific information/knowledge that would be relevant to given retainer tasks.

Provides relevant image direction and specific images if required.

account executive

Liaises with marketing manager to assist with the conceptualisation of outlined marketing strategies.

Monitors retainer deliverables

Offers suggestions and creative execution ideas to the marketing manager in line with requirements.

Briefs tasks to CCS resource teams based on marketing managers requests.

Provides creative feedback based on team strategy discussions of marketing plan.

Shares all information and updates with resource team to ensure most up-to-date marketing communication and accurate campaign creatives.

Expands upon image direction to produce effective design concepts.

the briefing process

Don’t have a marketing manager? Never fear, we work with all our clients and their company structures to ensure that we help you achieve your goals!

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